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Custom WordPress Solutions

Website design, web development with a proven content management system (CMS)

WordPress is a free, open-source tool that any savvy computer user can install and operate. This has made this software an industry standard in the blogging world. Now WordPress with the right person, can be a powerful marketing tool and online center for businesses.

A Custom WordPress Web Site has many benefits with little – if any – drawbacks:

  • No page limit! No more per-page pricing
  • Web 2.0 is built in. Allows your content to be syndicated and adds a linkback for each attribution.
  • Plugins are constantly being developed and improved that enhance the abilities of your site.
  • WordPress is open source. This means that you have a world-wide community of developers looking out for your security and experience.
  • You have as much control as you want. Easy administration area gives you power over your content.
  • It’s written in PHP and uses MySQL. Standards in the industry. If you needed a custom module created you have the largest talent pool from which to choose a developer.
  • Easy facelifts. Need a redesign? It’s not the herculean task it used to be. The foundation and content stay put. A designer designs the look and it only needs to be turned into a theme with the industry standard, CSS. Voila!
  • Search engines dig it. Your content is almost instantly seen by Google and other search engines because of the pinkback sites that are alerted to new content. There are also great plugins that increase keyword visibility.
  • Blog engine. Can be used for anything periodical – news, pr, announcements, events and yep: blogs.

Why Use This Web Development Route?

Consider the variety of website designers or web developers you may come across:

  • Online Template Website Generator
  • Freelance Designer
  • Freelance Developer
  • Freelance Print Designer
  • Print Design House
  • Web Design Firm
  • E-commerce & Web Development Company
  • Marketing & P/R Company
  • Advertising Agency
  • Publishing Company
  • Your office manager’s nephew who is taking a class in flash…

All can make you a website and can charge you a large range of fees. Some may charge and not finish. Some may finish and leave you with your site un-managed. Others will convince you that you need way more and make you invest more than necessary.

Going this route, you are more in control of the process and if you already have affiliates in your network that can take part, it makes it more affordable and predictable for you. If you have any questions about this process or if it is right for you, send me an email and I’ll assess your needs.